What is Provided:

The Catawba Angler has Everything you need for a successful day on the water


Transportation: Guides will inform you on where to meet at before the start of your trip. We will meet you at a convenient, public location near the water you will be fishing. We will then shuttle you in our own vehicles to where we will begin the fishing trip. We have the ability to pick you up as long as it is within a reasonable distance. 

 If you want to drive to the creek or river you will be fishing, then let us know beforehand, and we will meet you there.


Fishing Gear: Redington rods & reels, leaders, locally sourced flies, waders, and boots. 

If you would like to use your own gear, then please let us know upon booking your trip. 


Snacks: Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Fruit, Cookies, Cliff Bars

If you have any food allergies, please let us know upon booking your trip.


High Quality Photos:  Guides will capture high quality photos of your trip, and will email them to you within 24 hours. 



What you Need:

A good attitude and a fishing license. 

Fishing licenses can be purchased off the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission website. The URL address is below:




What you should expect:

We will not demand you fish a certain way, but simply suggest the best approach to catching fish. If you are determined to fish a certain fly or lure, we will put you in the best spot to do so.

Our guides will adjust their approach to your desires and skills. We will not treat a first time angler like an experienced one because the two are totally different. We will put you in situations that you are totally prepared for. We will offer you beneficial advice throughout the day so you leave a better angler.

We will do everything we can to put you on fish all day long, but just because you have hired us as your guide does not mean you will catch a trophy fish. Enjoy the process, and do not measure success by the length of the fish you catch.

We know you’ve paid hard earned money to go fishing with us, and we promise to give you our very best!